Hello world! Discover 360 App is Live now.

I’m proud to say that our website and app is live now. For those , who don’t know about our latest app release for IOS devices , here is a short review:

Discover 360 is an IOS app that let you find amazing people, places and tags on the instagram with a touch of a button.It is truly the most powerful Instagram browser yet. We have divided this app into 4 main parts ;

1- Discover People:

There are 50 millions active users on the Instagram and it is very difficult to find the amazing instagrammers among this noise. But we made this discovery process easier by letting you choose from 25+ main categories of people. We are adding more categories with the time. We also give you the ability to recommend users in each category.

Each profile is beautifully presented with a clean UI that you will really love. You can view the photos in both thumbnail and gallery view. The app also give you complete power to like, comment and share the user media.

2- Discover Places:

This is the heart of Discover 360 that let you find amazing places in 5 continents, 45 countries and 465 cities. Isn’t it great ? ┬áIn each city , you can browse the top picks as well as outdoors, shopping , arts, trending , drinking and eating places. It is surely the best way to get inspired from the great cities across the planet.

We give you the brief review about each place along with its category, working hours , pricing , likes and checkin counts. On top of that , you can enjoy the never ending stream of thousand of photos taken at this place.

3- Explore Tags:

Spending your 10 free minutes was never this fun before. Just pick a theme , select a tag and browse thousands of real time photos related to that tag . This tool is also great for publishers to find the great people and photos.

4- Search Anything:

We already provide you on touch solution to find amazing people, places and tags on instagram. But if you still can’t find one , search it ?

Moroever ;

  • The app work in native resolution in all iPhones, iPod touch and iPad devices.
  • You can share or save the photos/videos.
  • You need Instagram account to login to app.

We really put a lot of efforts in crafting this app and we hope that you will surely love using this app. We also welcome all forms of suggestions and partnership proposals.

On this blog , you will find a series of posts to complement the app that will help you find amazing people, places and tags on Instagram.

This blog will is co managed by Aamir and Haroon


Hello world! Discover 360 App is Live now.