10 Cat accounts everyone should follow on Instagram – Part 1

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‘Cats’ are no doubt one of the most search keyword on the Internet. They are cute , weird , playful, needy and everything in between. There are many such Instagram accounts full with cute cats photos and videos. In this blog post , we will share 10 such cat accounts on instagram.

1- @iamlilbub

Lil BUB A lady, and a magical, one of a kind space cat.


A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

2- @smooshblog

Mr. Smoosh 10 year old exotic shorthair adoptee in Bloomington, IN. My hobbies include boxes, sleeping, and treats.

What a mess

A photo posted by Mr. Smoosh (@smooshblog) on

3- @samhaseyebrows

This is Sam. He has eyebrows.

Nothing amusing about #Mondays.

A photo posted by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on

4- @shimejiwasabi

This account shows photos of 🐈🌈wasabi ♀. 🐈Ichimi ♀🐈Tsuyu ♀ 🐈Densuke♂🐕ponzu ♀🐓


5- @tomiinya

tomiinya From Japan russianbluecocomo♡ mixsol♡ cocoとsolの写真ばかりです。

6- @fei_and_ninja

Fei x Her Cat ✏️Fei, UI/UX designer, Ninja’s can opener. 🐱Ninja, 3 years old British shorthair, the owner of Fei and Chun’s house.

Ninja's July 4th

A photo posted by Fei x Her Cat (@fei_and_ninja) on

7- @_whataboutbob_

This account displays exotics photos of two brothers name-  Bob & Kevin

Coming to terms with another Monday morning.

A photo posted by Exotic bros Bob & Kevin (@_whataboutbob_) on

8- @princessmonstertruck

PrincessMonsterTruck © PrincessMonsterTruck is an Awesome rescue cat found in NY. This account is run by the human beings who found her.

/m/IND C💛NTR💛L!!! #PrincessMonsterTruck 🍴 ———————— www.PrincessMonsterTruck.com

A photo posted by PrincessMonsterTruck © (@princessmonstertruck) on

9- @utacci

Otacci is a 6 year old cat living in cosy Japan.

10- @pudgethecat

Pudge is a girl and she claims that her mustache is better than anyones 😉 She is living in Minneapolis

This bird watching is kinda boring tho #pudgethecat #nothingonTV

A photo posted by Pudge (@pudgethecat) on

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10 Cat accounts everyone should follow on Instagram – Part 1

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